Car Shows – 2017

All around the world the celebration of new cars takes place right around this time, which is January. Car shows are plenty, with most every major city hosting an event where people can see the latest and greatest cars from almost all manufacturers. From Ferrari to Mini, there are many cars to see.

At most shows you can also buy a car, and you will most definitely get a discount for any floor model that is being displayed. However, you run the risk of someone doing damage as I have seen gear shift knobs removed, etc. For the most part it’s safe because there is adequate security around.

Bring your camera if you are a fan of pictures. There are many exotic cars to take pictures of and also a bevy of beautiful promotional girls walking around.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes. It would be a good idea to check your coat at a locker or coat check if you live in cold climes. Lugging your coat around is a pain the ass because it gets hot after a while so believe me you want to be free of your jacket.

Car shows are a great deal of fun with lots to see. Not only are there new cars but they also display some vintage cars along with racing cars and motorcycles as well.